A collaboration between:

Alex Durham Freelance Videographer logo
Martin Whiskin voice over artists logo

From This

Story your Logo


A logo turned into text that tells a story about the company


Creating content for your brand is hard! 
Let alone trying to beat the new and upcoming trends online...  Well we are here to help! 
This is a new creative idea that ALL businesses should utilize. 
Use your logo to evoke what you stand for.
You Could: 
- Tell a story 
- Highlight testimonials 
- Bring out your Business Values
- Demonstrate a client story 
The possibilities are endless! 

Transform your logo into your business's story

So what happens?

We have a 40 minute discovery call with you
- Finding out your story and what you want to say

Caroline Kings creates the 100 words.
Martin Whiskin transforms that into audio.
Alex Durham (me) brings it all together and forms the graphic design and animation. 

You will then receive your logo formed into text
and a 60s animation piece!
P.S. We also have some other hacks on how to use this too so just give us an ask! 

ONLY £654!
This is our current release price, and may change. T's+C's apply.

Let Caroline help you communicate 
Alex help you animate 
and Martin help you well, Voice over!

the cost

Bespoke Systems LTD logo IT Company Kent
Bespoke Systems Logo transformed into their story all about how they can help businesses with IT, Great Graphic Design
The orginal logo of our moon education
Our Moon Education story of andrew text graphic