Short Film Directing Kent Alex Durham



Your Story to Life

Short films are a great way to get creative! 

Freelance videography is my main job but I love working with people like you to create short films! Being with other creatives helps come up with new and better ideas for social media videos and much more.

Whether you need someone to assist on a project or to help you develop you script into reality give me a message and let's collaborate and see how we can work together. 

Flightless Short Film set

Experience in:

- Producing 

- Camera Operation 

- Directing 

- Cinematography 

- Lighting 

- Production Assistant / Runner

- Editing

my skills

The Other Brunel

My Roles: Production Assistant

From the Historical Novel by Alexander JP Wren CEng FICE Adapted for film by the author.

Starring Connor Williams - Marc Brunel

Sharon Lawrence - Sophia Kingdom

My Roles: Director

                  Camera Operator - Editor 

This is a documentary about Tudor Canterbury with Paul Bennett walking around the Buttermarket area talking about the history of the buildings. 

This was a great project to work on and was produced for Canterbury History Weekend. 

Tudor canterbury


My Roles: Director - DOP

                  Camera Operator - Editor 

A hard-hitting film exploring the effect oppression and sexual violence can have on somebody - particularly stockholm syndrome. 

When filming Jailbirds, all of our cast and crew were committed to confront the issue of domestic and sexual violence.

It was shocking to find out that one in five adults aged 18-74 have experienced at least one form of abuse in their lifetime before the age of 16.

That is a statistic that affects far too many people.

We are currently in post production and need all the support possible to help us make this short film get to places it needs to go in hope to then develop our TV series of scripts based on a similar story line.

As one of the directors of this project I have found it intense to develop the script and put passion into the filming. However seeing the edit come together makes me happy that our little story will soon been seen by so many people. Let's hope this short film gets noticed so we can then develop our TV series and tell a story like no other. 

My Roles: Director - Animator / Camera Operator

                                  - Script Writer - Foley Artist

Forgotten Importance was a stop-motion animation project that I created during my final year at university. Along with the help of fellow students the piece became more than just a university grade but something to inspire us all on what we could achieve during hard times.

       ''Whilst Covid-19 took a hard strike on my work and my degree I kept motivated and used my time

          wisely to create this short film. I hope to develop the script further one day and develop the short 

           into a feature length film which will go into more detail about each of the characters and involve

            a wider adventure with Pepper.'' Alex Durham 2020

forgotten importance

Jape cologne

My Role: Director - Producer

Jape Cologne advertisement was a final year project of university. We were tasked with breaking away from the traditional aspects of cologne adverts and create something inspiring and confidence boosting for men. We learnt a lot about how to promote a positive smell through film as well as developing our confidence with production paperwork to time frame of completion.