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Alex Durham
Your Va-va voom

A Little About Me

I love creative ideas! Ever since I was young I have always found creativity being apart of my best memeories. After university I decided to go straight into self-employment because I knew I could utalise my creative skills for business owners. 

I have developed so many close relationships by networking and every person I have met has enabled me to develop and learn as well as build up my business. 

Video production is so much fun and I love the process from start to end and also love bringing in people who I work really well with to develop ideas and have a great time making businesses videos. 

Collaboration is something I always look to do!

On the side I love to freelance on short films as the process of film creation is great. It also gives me industry insights to allow me to use those skills within my job.

Something a little embarassing...

At university I did a lot in the TV studio, helped make productions and also starred in many too. 

However, I was roped into acting in a fake dating show... Take a watch... its kinda funny!

Get in Touch /  Tel. 07792745610

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