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Hey there!

I'm Alex Durham and I'm a freelance videographer based in Canterbury, Kent. 
I create engaging videos for people and businesses like you!
93% of brands got a new customer because of a video on social media.  
My clients have seen more engagement with customers after using video.
You should use it too! 

Your Image Is My Focus!

Because it's AWESOME!... (I guess I'm biased, as it's my job)
Ask yourself this:
- Have you ever searched on YouTube to learn how-to do something?
- Have you ever smiled at a funny animal video? 
- Have you ever felt moved by a person's story? 

Well these are exactly why you should use video.
Educate. Engage. Entertain

Don't know where to start?


Want something different?

Use your logo to evoke what you stand for.
You Could: 
- Tell a story 
- Highlight testimonials 
- Bring out your Business Values
- Demonstrate a client story 
The possibilities are endless! 
Click here to find out more...


"As I normally just send emails or letters to clients, this was the first video I had ever created to send out so I was not sure of the response I would receive. To my surprise, I received more acknowledgements and responses from this one video message than I would normally receive from around 10 emails or letters."

Recent Projects

Video creation is scary...
I get it.
And I also mess up with my own videos! 
But you can always stop and re-record it, that's the brilliance about video. 
Whether you're thinking about getting a professional video or recording yourself, I have services that suit all. So go and check out my current packages available:

still unsure?

Being a videographer has showed me how important it is to capture the right things at the right time, and then how powerful the use of video is online. 
"Video creation isn't just about advertising but showing true passion in who we are as people and as businesses."

Getting your marketing right is always a tough one.
But with the use of video you can interact with your customers in so many ways.
You can create how-to videos to develop trust and understanding; day to day vlogs that show your passion in your role...

"There is no end to the power of video!"

I create all kinds of different videos for various platforms and have a range of skills to get the best suited video for you. 

Contact Me!

Video production isn't just a buy and receive service. 
There is a process! 
And I need to know all about you and your business to make sure I can do the best job for you and make sure your aims are met.
So get in contact and let's create something amazing for you!


Monday 9am–6pm

Tuesday 9am–6pm

Wednesday 9am–6pm

Thursday 9am–6pm

Friday 9am–5pm

Saturday Closed

Sunday Closed

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Phone: 07792745610
Location: Canterbury, Kent.

Want to talk more?

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